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Internal regulations

Contact Camping Mar Menor

Address: Carretera Santiago de la Ribera, Los Alcázares, SN – 30730 SAN JAVIER
Latitude: 37.7692
Length: -0.8151
Telephone: +34 652 061 698
Fiscal Data: Camping Caravaning Sun-Sea Mar Menor. SL
Registered Office/Fiscal Address: Calle Los Sanchez, Num 6 – 30590 Murcia – (Murcia)

All persons entering the campsite are obliged to comply with the provisions of these Regulations and the Spanish legislation governing tourist camping.
At the campsite reception there is information on the regulations and any other information deemed of interest to campers.     

The hours of operation of the Reception are:

Monday to Thursday from 7:00h to 19:00h
Friday to Sunday from 7:00h to 20:00h


Monday to Thursday from 8:00h to 20:00h
Friday to Sunday from 8:00h to 21:00h

*This timetable is subject to change by the company.

Camping Mar Menor will not admit or will expel from the campsite with the help of the agents of the authority if necessary, when there is a well-founded presumption that they have breached the rules contained in these regulations, or intend to enter or enter the campsite with the purpose other than to carry out the activities of the establishment.

The Right of Admission is also reserved for those whose belongings occupy or will occupy spaces that are manifestly disproportionate to the number of people who will use them.

In the same way, those who are in debt to the Company for services rendered previously and whose amounts have not been paid in due time will not be admitted.

To enter the campsite it is MANDATORY to present the corresponding National Identity Card or Passport of all the people who are going to stay at the campsite.


Customers with a Parking Rate must inform reception of their arrival at the campsite before entering their pitch. Failure to do so may result in the non-renewal of the contract and consequently expulsion from the campsite.

The check-in time is from 13:00h and the check-out time is from 12:00h.

Entry to the camping area is exclusively reserved for users of the campsite. In exceptional cases, the management, at the request of the client and under their responsibility, may authorise the entry, always for a limited time previously indicated, of relatives or friends, who will be obliged, in any case, to hand in at the Reception Office, a document accrediting their identity, which they will collect on their departure.

A visit of more than one hour will imply, for all purposes, that the visitor will be considered as a client for one day. The same will occur when the visitor makes use of any service in the camping area, services and/or the swimming pool, and will therefore be obliged to pay the visitor's rate at Reception according to the season (low, medium-low, medium-high or high).

Tents, caravans and vehicles may only be pitched during Reception Office opening hours and in the places indicated by the campsite management. Changes of location must be authorised by Reception.


Inside the campsite, vehicles will be limited to a speed of 10km/h. No vehicles other than those belonging to the clients may circulate. Within the enclosure, the use of vehicles of all kinds will be limited to the access and exit of the clients, thus avoiding the sporting or recreational use of these, especially in relation to motorbikes. Motorcycles may not be used to travel to different areas of the campsite.

The circulation of vehicles will be suspended during the hours of silence at night.Furthermore, the circulation of vehicles is strictly forbidden from 23:00 hours to 8:00 a.m. If you return to the campsite during these hours, you must leave your car in the car park outside the campsite.

Customers shall observe the parking prohibitions and avoid parking in areas that hinder the circulation and access of vehicles and people, as well as on empty pitches. Cars must be parked within the boundaries of the assigned pitch. If you are parked on another pitch, you must pay the fee for the extra pitch you are occupying.



The entry of animals that are clearly dangerous or cause a nuisance to campers is forbidden. If the animals have such characteristics, the Company and the client may agree on the conditions of all kinds so that the introduction can be carried out. In this sense, the entry of dogs considered as dangerous breeds according to Spanish legislation is prohibited.

Furthermore, it is strictly forbidden to bring pets of any kind into the bungalows.

The prices for all concepts will be paid, as appropriate, at Reception on arrival at the campsite.

The prices will be modified throughout the year, adapting to the corresponding season at any given time.

Failure to comply with these regulations and therefore expulsion from the campsite will not lead to a refund of the price paid by the customer.Customers who decide to leave the campsite for reasons beyond the control of the campsite will not be refunded the price paid by the customer.Rest and silence hours

The following hours of rest are declared as rest hours on the campsite:


During these hours, the client will avoid all kinds of noise, voices, discussions, regulating the sound devices (especially televisions and radios) so that they do not cause nuisance to the neighbours.



During these hours silence will be intensified, and the circulation of vehicles inside the enclosure will be forbidden, except in exceptional cases in which an emergency or a need of the campsite so requires. Special care will be taken with the sound produced by televisions and radios.


Failure to comply with the rules set out in these regulations will lead to expulsion from the campsite within a period determined by the campsite.

A. To submit to the particular prescriptions of the company owning the campsite in order to maintain the order and good order of the campsite.

B. To respect the plants and the facilities with the good use of the same.

C. To observe the basic rules of coexistence, morality, decency and public order.

D. To inform the campsite management of any cases of fever or contagious illness of which they are aware.

E. To leave the campsite once the agreed time has expired, unless this is extended by mutual agreement between the company and the client.

F. To collect rubbish and waste of all kinds in plastic bags which will be deposited, duly closed, in the containers distributed by the company for this purpose inside the campsite.

G. To leave the land on which the tent or caravan has been pitched in the same conditions in which it was found, taking special care to remove any ditches or earthworks that may have been carried out.

H. Hand in any lost objects found at the reception desk.

I. Keep the volume of radios and televisions at a moderate level so as not to disturb the neighbours.

J. Keep pets on a leash and have the corresponding health card in order. Pick up the excrement of their pets. During walks, owners must carry a bottle of water with bleach or vinegar to clean the pee-pee in communal areas if necessary.

K. During the stay it is compulsory to wear identification bracelets clearly visible throughout the campsite, swimming pool and communal areas. The security department, as well as the other employees of the campsite, can demand the fulfilment of this point of the regulation for the benefit of all the clients.

L. Parents will be responsible for their children in all the activities that take place in the campsite, as well as in all the facilities of the campsite. And they will be responsible that at 23:30 children under 13 years of age are with their parents or legal guardian on the pitch.

M. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times.


It is forbidden to campers using this campsite:

A. Disturb the rest of other campers during the designated hours.

B. Playing games or sports that may disturb other campers.

C.  Lighting charcoal or wood fires and the use of any flame-producing apparatus.

D. Being accompanied by animals that are clearly a danger or a nuisance to campers.

E. Feeding feral cats.

F. Carrying weapons or objects likely to cause accidents.

G. Leaving litter outside the containers intended for it, and especially throwing it into fountains or public thoroughfares.

H. Throwing scrap metal and other items in the rubbish bins and communal areas.

I. Bringing into the campsite people who are not staying there, without the prior authorisation of the campsite management.

J. Hanging out clothes in unauthorised places.

K. Installing any kind of fencing on the plot of land used by the camper.

L. To carry out any kind of act that may damage the property, hygiene and appearance of the campsite.

M. Riding a bicycle or electric scooter without lights or a reflective waistcoat after dark, as well as riding faster than the speed allowed by the rules of this campsite (10km/h).

N. Disturbing neighbours with noise from televisions and radios.

O. Installing awnings or any other shading element on the anchorages of the pitch.

P. It is forbidden to connect sinks to the green box of the plot.

Q. The use of bicycles or electric scooters after 23:00h.


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